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Touch and LCD repairs

Repair and replace glass, touch, lcd Samsung (S8 +, S7edge, S8), iphone, huawei, lg, etc. Teach and open all handsets without

Break risk. Buy and Sell Touch and LCD all brands of the handset available on the market. Mobile repair equipment below market prices

Specialized Touch and LCD repairs broken all  series of iPhones watches


For the first time in Iran by the zero team

Replacing the S7edge, S8 in less than an hour, without risk-breaking, 100% guaranteed, no wave and bubble with the best price

Given the fluctuations in the price of the currency, the prices listed below are variable

Please contact us for the price of the day

Tel : 09120385234  &  09124757780










هزینه تعویض تاچ و ال سی دی شکسته گوشی ال جی

LG Touchscreen, LCD, and Glass repairs all LG smartphone models at affordable prices. Liquid LCD and LG Charger

LG K30 phone

LG K20 Plus phone

LG K11 Plus phone

LG K10 2018 phone

LG K10 2017 phone

LG K10 phone

LG K8 2018 phone

LG K8 2017 phone

LG K8 phone

LG K7 2017 phone

And other LG models in Tehran

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هزینه تعویض و تعمیر گوشی های شکسته ایفون و تعمیر تاچ شکسته

Touch, LCD, and Glass repairs of all models of the iPhone and E-Voice phones at reasonable prices. LCD Replacement and Glasses for iPhone and Apple Watches

IPhone iPhone X

IPhone 8 Plus iPhone

IPhone 8 iPhone

IPhone 7 Plus

IPhone 7 iPhone

IPhone 6S Plus iPhone

IPhone 6S iPhone

IPhone 6 Plus iPhone

IPhone 6 iPhone

And other models

in Tehran

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تعمیر تاج و تعویض ال سی دی گوشی شکسته اچ تی سی

HTC touchscreen, LCD and glass repairs for all models of HTC phones at reasonable prices.

HTC Desire 12 Phone

HTC Desire 650 phone

HTC Desire 10 Pro phone

Desire 10 Compact phone

Desire 10 Lifestyle

Desire 728 Ultra

HTC Desire 628 Phone

HTC Desire 830 phone

HTC Desire 825 phone

HTC Desire 630 phone

And other HTC models in Tehran

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هزینه تعویض تاچ و گلس گوشی هواوی

Repair the touch, LCD and glasses of all models of Huawei phones at a reasonable price. LCD and Huawei GLP 20 /

Huawei Mitsa S / A / 7X / 9L / Nova and Y series

Huawei Nova 3i

Huawei Nova 3

Huawei Nova 2s

Huawei Nova 2 Plus

Huawei Handset Nova 2

Huawei Nova Plus

Huawei Nova

And other Huawei models in Tehran

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تعمیرات تاچ و ال سی دی شکسته گوشی های سامسونگ اس 8 و اس 8 پلاس و اس 7 و اس 7 اج

Touch, LCD, and Glass repairs for all Android phone handsets at affordable prices. Samsung Touch Changer

S8 / S8 + / S7-S6 / S7dge / S9

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Galaxy Note 3 Neo N7505

Galaxy Note 3 N9000

Galaxy Note 2 N7100

And other Samsung models in Tehran

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